the lads of 10:50 from victoria

BOB (70 yrs)
Owner of the railway arches site. Formally known as 'Bob the nails' and now as 'Bob the ales', spent his working life as a joiner, enjoying working in Rochester on shop fronts, staircases and endless windows.
Married to Sylvia of 'Beauty Tips' for 52 years and have 3 daughters, 3 grand children and 1 great grandson.


GARY (68 yrs)
Came to England from Dublin as a young lad and joined the merchant navy. Most of his working life spent as a plasterer.
Married to Janet for 47 years and has 2 children. Their son, Jamie living in Rochester and their daughter, Paula living in Australia with her husband and 5 children.


WERNER (59 yrs)
A master chef who worked on the Olau Line from Sheerness to The Hook of Holland.
Whilst on the ferries he met and married his wife Tanny from Strood. They had a restaurant in Hayes at Bromley, then a short spell at Yardling Organic gardens and the East Malling Research Centre.