10:50 from victoria


A railway themed micropub offering real ales, cider and wine. The garden is well situated and bathed in sun all day (subject to weather). Unlike a lot of other micropubs, there is no traffic rushing past our front door. On winter nights the log burner is a most welcome sight.

NO: music, TV, fruit machines, food, lager or spirits. Conversation flows at most times and strangers talking to strangers make an interesting evening.

10:50 - THE REASON

Why would 3 grumpy old men start a new business in today's economic climate?

1st REASON: The pubs are still in decline and shutting down all around. The rents and rates are way too high.

2nd REASON: Publicans believe that loud music and multiple TV screens equals punters - 'wrong'. No pub can be all things to all people.

3rd REASON: At seventy years old the need to create your own social environment is an excuse for something to do and a place to go.

Other micropub owners that have taken the plunge are brave people. Most are doing well - but nothing is guaranteed. We have a slight advantage that we are not reliant on 10:50 making us a fortune. We each have a pension.

There is no timescale to this venture and works are still ongoing.


Monday to Thursday 4pm - 9pm
Friday and Saturday 12 noon - last orders at 10:15pm
Sunday closed